Aaron’s Breastplate and Gemstones

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The birthstones originate from the episode that took place in ancient history of the Jews. Gemstones were actually produced in the Asian continent and it was the Jews who took the gems into the European world when they traveled there.

The old Exodus that is the book of Jews explains the entire concept of the breastplate of Aaron or the breastplate of the high priest. The verses explain that in the olden times when there was the high priest and he had twelve sons. Who were naturally his descendants and they commanded 12 different tribes of that time. Aaron was inspired by God, not merely inspired but he was ordered by God to make a breastplate. He gave Aaron all the details about it. He was ordered to insert various precious stones that numbered 12 on it. These stones were to bear the names of each of the 12 descendants of the high priest. When this breastplate was finally made the high priest wore it over his ephod which actually is a dress worn by the high priest. When he wore that on his breast the 12 commanders could communicate with God through that plate. Each of them asked a question from God and the stones shone one by one and together they formulated the answer by God.

This breastplate has been the bases of the 12 birthstones that we now commonly know.   When the commanders had the breastplate it was easy for them to communicate with God. They could simply turn to him for suggestions,  for good luck and for their future course of action. God was felt closer and gradually common people also began regarding the breastplate as a blessing and divine image and influence upon their lives.

A time came when these stones actually started having great influence upon the people. When they wore the stones on the breastplate like diamonds, topaz, ruby, sapphire, beryl, emerald etc they were blessed in many ways not acknowledged by common man. These stones had strange healing powers and weak people took refuge in them and wore them for strength. Some stones were said to increase livelihood, other stones purified blood, cured diseases, safeguarded people from evil. Some stones were even said to have power to bring peace and tranquility and increase wisdom in people. One of the stones gave courage and so on.

However with the passage of time the stones in the breastplate have been fabricated as some others but there is original proof to remove any fabrications that may come forth. The breastplate however, is a source of heavenly blessings in the temples to this very day.

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Ann G. Mack

Seeking information and/or site references for the actual gemstones used to construct the breastplate of righteousness. Attempting to identify and correspond each to the 1 of the 12 tribes.

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