10 Gemstones for Anxiety

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Top Ten Gemstones for Anxiety

  1. To reduce a headache and let go of stress, place an amethyst stone on your head or neck where there is pain for 5-10 minutes.
  2. To relieve PMS or cramps,  hold a piece of moonstone next to your pelvis for 10 minutes.  Repeat each day for a week.
  3. To calm anger, carry an agate gemstone with you at all times.  When you feel yourself getting angry hold it in your hand and breathe deeply.  
  4. To boost self confidence place a chrysocolla stone on your throat and visualize yourself as a happy, positive person.  Repeat daily until you’re ready to put your Wonder Woman boots on.
  5. To manifest a positive future, sit in a quiet room holding a piece of labradorite.  Breathe deeply and visualize your dreams, allowing the wisdom and strength of labradorite to increase your imagination. 
  6. To calm driver aggression place a piece of blue lace agate on your dashboard.
  7. To soothe nerves and tension, place a piece of turquoise on your solar plexus chakra in your upper abdomen and breathe deeply until you feel calm again.
  8. To relieve depression, place a chalcedony stone on your forehead while holding it in your hand. 
  9. To find more coping strength, place yellow jasper on your upper abdomen in the solar plexus chakra area to attract energy and stamina.
  10. To relieve lovesickness, place rose quartz next to your bed while sleeping.
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