Spiritual Properties of Bloodstone

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Bloodstone’s legendary red liquid-looking drops of color are thought to be the drops from Christ’s blood. Because of this, it is thought to have special powers. Bloodstone is a root chakra gemstone associated with strength, vitality, courage, and purification. It is associated with the earth element and can also be considered one of the alternative March birthstones. Bloodstone increases patience and creativity and reduces irritability. Physically, bloodstone is a healer of all sorts of blood and circulatory problems, including iron deficiencies, liver problems, slow metabolism, anemia, and leukemia.

~Bloodstone is mined in Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Russia, and India.

~Another name for bloodstone is Heliotrope, which is a Greek word meaning “sun turning.” The Greeks thought that a stone placed in a bucket of water would make the reflection of the sun red.

~Bloodstone is technically a green jasper with flecks of red throughout due to iron oxide in the stone.

~For a full night’s sleep, place bloodstone beside your bed at night.

~To prevent problems with childbirth, wear bloodstone on your arm or thigh.

~Placing a bloodstone gem on your desk will increase creativity and motivation.

~To relieve menstrual cramps, place bloodstone on your abdomen.

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