Spiritual Properties of Fluorite

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Fluorite Bracelets from earthegy

Fluorite Bracelets from earthegy

Fluorite is used for clarity, decision making, and healing.  It is a wind element gemstone associated with all chakras.  Fluorite is the organization stone.  It blocks negative energy and stress and reorganizes anything out of order, whether spiritual or physical. Fluorite is an excellent stone for combating computer and electromagnetic stress and is a superb healer for colds and viruses.

~Fluorite is mined in the United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, Norway, China, and Peru.
~Fluorite should be cleansed in warm water, then left to recharge in the sun or next to rock crystal.
~Fluorite was found in the ruins of Pompeii and is called the “home of rainbows.”
~Green fluorite is particularly useful for relieving travel sickness.
~Purple fluorite is useful for purifying negative energy and expanding your mental capabilities.
~For physical pain such as arthritis, place fluorite directly on the area.
~Like amethyst, ancient Romans believed that drinking from a glass made of fluorite prevented drunkenness.
~The word “fluorescent” comes from the word fluorite.
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that anyone who wears this gem will devleop the ability to see auras and will have power and sense of self-worth. Moreover, this stone also brings lots of healing effects such as relief from sinusitis and arthritis.

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