Spiritual Properties of Agate

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All About Agate…
Agate is a gemstone associated with the water element and throat chakra used for calming, healing, confidence, and clarity.  Agates help decrease anxiety and depression and are considered strengthening and stabilizing stones.
~Agate is mined in the United States, India, Morocco, Brazil, Africa, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, and Nepal.
~The name “agate” come from the Achates River in Sicily (now known as Dirillo River) where agates were found in ancient times.  The gem was given its name by Theophrastus, a Greek naturalist and philosopher.
~Agates are a form of chalcedony formed within layers of quartz
~The Sumerian may have been the first to use the stone for seals, beads, signet rings and other pieces of jewelry.
~Greeks used agate for protecting themselves from hazards of sea.
~Agates come in a huge variety, including crazy lace agate, dendritic agate, fire agate, moss agate, and Botswana agate
~Wear green agate to improve decision making and resolve disputes.
~Pink agate should be worn over the heart to strengthen the bond between parent and child.
~Botswana agate is superb for anyone connected with fire or smoke, and can benefit anyone wishing to quit smoking.
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