How to Make a Gemstone Elixir

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Gemstone Vial Pendants by earthegy

Gemstone Vial Pendants by earthegy

About Gemstone Elixirs…

Gemstone elixirs offer a simple way to put your gemstones energy to work. A few ideas:

~Add a few drops of your elixir to your bath water.
~Re-energize your plants with a few drops.
~Anoint areas of your body for healing.
~Cleanse the energy in your house or your sacred objects

Please note, I am NOT promoting using elixirs for internal use because there are stones that can be toxic when ingested. Do your homework and research on the toxicity of gemstones before using them. There are thousands of different stones on our planet and I cannot possibly research the chemistry of all of them or I’d never had time to make any jewelry. If in doubt, err on the safe side.


Making an Gemstone Elixir…

~Use purified water, such as spring water or distilled water.
~Use only a glass container, avoid plastic.
~Cover your gemstones with water and allow to sit for a minimum of 2 hours in sunlight or moonlight to charge the water.
~Use the energized water immediately.
~Dry your stones and vial.
~Cleanse and recharge your stones.

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