10 Tips for Using Rose Quartz

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10 Tips for Rose Quartz

1. Placed next to your computer, rose quartz can help prevent eye fatigue and headaches.

2. Rose quartz can be placed in every corner of your bedroom to improve the quality of sleep.

3. Rose quartz stimulates circulation and has a refreshing effect when worn.

4. Placed around the house, rose quartz can clear negative energy.

5. You can make a rose quartz essence by soaking a stone in mineral water and leaving it in the sun for several hours. Pour the liquid into a mister bottle and spray around your home to remove negativity.

6. Combine rose quartz with citrine and aventurine to attract wealth and success.

7. If you need to de-stress when you’re feeling fragile, take a warm bath with a rose quartz stone in your water.

8. To attract a soul mate, combine rose quartz and rhodochrosite.

9. To promote fidelity, keep a large rose quartz crystal next to your bed.

10. Cleanse your rose quartz stones under running water or among tumbled hematite stones and recharge them by setting them on an amethyst geode overnight.

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