9 Meanings of the Tree of Life

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9 Meanings of the Tree of Life…

The Tree of Life represents the interconnection between all life on our planet.  It unites heaven and earth and is honored as a universal symbol for healing, growth, the seasons of life, and the magical qualities of nature.  The symbol tree of life has been used as in science, religion, philosophy, and mythology.

~Ancient Egyptians considered the sycamore as a connection between life and death.

~In ancient Armenia, the Tree of Life was a religious symbol and was drawn on walls of fortresses and carved on the armor of warriors for protection.

~In Chinese mythology, the Tree of Life depicts a phoenix and a dragon. The dragon represents immortality.

~In the Bible the tree of life is described in the Book of Revelation as having curing properties.

~In Catholicism the Tree of Life represents the immaculate state of humanity free from corruption and original sin.

~Modern Rastafari consider cannabis to be the Tree of Life.

~The Mayan Tree of Life is a cross with its center being the point of “absolute beginning,” the source of all creation and its branches passing through each of the three layers of existence, the underworld, the earth, and the sky.

~To the Babylonians, the Tree of Life was a tree with magical fruit, which could only be picked by the gods.

~In Nordic cultures the Tree of Life is called Yggdrasil. It is an enormous ash tree where gods assemble daily. The tree provides magical knowledge. An eagle is on the top of the tree and a serpent is coiled around the roots of the tree. The eagle and the snake hate each other.


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