Top 10 Tips for Using Carnelian Crystals

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Carnelian gemstones from earthegy

Carnelian gemstones from earthegy


Top 10 Tips for Using Carnelian Crystals

1. To enhance romantic relationships, place carnelian in the relationship corner of your home, the far back right-hand corner.

2. Carnelian can be used to relieve pain and blockages. Place a carnelian stone over the source of your pain for 15 minutes until your discomfort is relieved.

3. Boost your energy to exercise more by wearing carnelian.

4. Keep a bowl of carnelian, tigers eye, and citrine next to your front door to attract wealth and prosperity.

5. Carnelian’s energy cleanses other crystals. Place a tumbled piece into a pouch with your other stones.

6. For increased motivation at work and business success, keep carnelian in your pocket.

7. To stimulate the digestive and reproductive systems hold carnelian over your sacral chakra.

8. To alleviate apathy and increase confidence, wear carnelian in direct contact with your skin.

9. Wear a carnelian necklace to banish jealousy and inspire courage.

10. Carnelian should be cleansed under running water once a month and recharged in the sun.

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