Top 10 Gemstones for Holiday Survival

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rocksTop 10 Gemstones for Holiday Survival…

1. Fluorite…the organization stone, to survive the endless shopping, cooking, and scheduling
2. Smoky Quartz…the grounding stone, to keep yourself grounded and calm and eliminate stress
3. Tiger Iron…the refuge stone, to survive family conflict
4. Pyrite…the energy saving stone, to relieve anxiety, frustration, despair, and fatigue
5. Snowflake Obsidian…the empowering stone, to deal with loneliness
6. Tourmaline…the balancing stone. Black tourmaline will you navigate the stress of crowds, pink tourmaline will give you stamina and tact in stressful social settings
7. Malachite…the health stone, to reduce travel sickness and keep your overall health intact
8. Apatite…the fat busting stone, to boost your metabolism after holiday meals
9. Peridot…the money stone to keep your wallet full after all that shopping
10. Carnelian….the vitality stone, to help you overcome exhaustion and keep your spirits up

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