12 Ways to Work with Crystals and Rules for Using Them

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I get asked the same question all the time…. “how should I use my crystals?” And I give the same answer all the time. It’s up to you. Doesn’t matter what you do, as long as they’re near you they’re going to do their job. So my final answer…it’s up to YOU how you want to work with them and what feels right to you. It’s going to be different for different people, so just trust your intuition and go with what feels right to you personally. Stumped for some ideas? Here’s a few for you.

12 Ways to Work with Crystals and Rules for Using Them

1. Wear them! Whether you’re into earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, whatever your preference is, as long as they’re near your body they know they have a job to do.
2. Make a crystal grid. I have one for wealth and prosperity I made and you can find a template ebook here. It works. My business had a massive increase right after I put it up and two months later this girl got herself a brand new jeep. Now I’m working on getting a new house. Bigger.
3. Meditate with them. Just hold them or place them on your body and destress with your sparklies.
4. Carry them in your purse. Green aventurine is a great one for this, just throw it in your wallet or make your own mojo bag to attract wealth.
5. Stick them in your car. Yellow jasper is awesome for protecting you while you travel.
6. Feng shui your house with crystals. Place them around the house in bowls on windowsills, tables, where ever you can.
7. Get crafty. You can make all kinds of things with crystals…sun catchers, wire wrapped jewelry, a mosaic table, a garden path, just use your imagination.
8. Drink them.  (Just be sure to do your homework and watch for toxic stones.)
9. Stick them out in the garden or on your property. I’ve written two articles with ideas for you here and here.
10. Massage and body work. Ever had a hot stone massage? Who says the stones have to be boring? Pick the ones that fit your purpose and use those instead.
11. Stick them in your bra. Sounds crazy, but I know a few people who wear their crystals this way. For the sake of comfort, I recommend staying with smaller stones.  Or you can go traditional and just carry some in your pocket.
12. Make your own ritual or magic spell with your crystals. Full moon? Head on outside at night with your stones and set your intentions with candles, ribbons, and the whole 9 yards.

My One Rule for Working with Crystals
1. There is no such thing as a bad stone, and no reason to toss one in the trash. If your crystals aren’t working with you, have a flaw, or you’re just not feeling them, find another way to repurpose them. When I get flawed stones in, like polished tumble stones with chips in them I can’t sell, they go straight into my bird bath or my garden beds outside.
That’s my one and only personal rule. If it doesn’t work it gets returned to Mother Nature because I cannot bear to throw a stone in the garbage. That’s it. Otherwise, there are no rules as far as I’m concerned.

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Maritza Rodriguez

Thank you so much. I have a hard time connecting with a snowflake obsidian stone that I have. Its extremely powerful for me. I didn’t want to get rid of it. Your suggestions are awesome. Instead of putting it outside should I keep it on my kitchen windowsill?

December 30th, 2016 at 1:28 pm

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