All About Moonstone, Legends and Love Spells

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All About Moonstone, Legends and Love Spells

Moonstone is very strongly associated with the moon, and because of this the best time to use the powers of the moonstone is during the full moon. During a full moon the stone’s power is at its peak, strong enough to reunite lovers and heal the wearer.

According to Indian mythology, moonstone came into existence after a battle fought between Lord Vishnu and Bali, the demon god. During a fierce battle Lord Vishnu prevailed, breaking Bali’s body into pieces. As pieces of Bali’s body fell to the earth they became various jewels, and moonstone originated from the radiance of Bali’s eyes.

In India, the moonstone is believed to bring luck in love and is often given as a wedding gift. Moonstone is always displayed on a cloth that is yellow, a sacred color in India. The Indian word for moonstone, “chandrakanta,” means “beloved by the moon.”

Because of its shimmery luminescent quality people in the Orient believe that moonstone is a ray of moonlight that has solidified and a good spirit lives inside it.

Planted in a garden under the full moon moonstone is thought to increase the yield and fertility of a garden. Amulets of moonstone were hung from trees to ensure a successful crop. Because the moon has so much influence over the water on this planet moonstone is also used for protection and a talisman to wear on sea voyages or while swimming.

In the Middle East women would sew moonstone into their clothing when they wished for a child or needed protection during pregnancy and at birth.

According to another belief, two people both wearing moonstone will fall passionately in love when the moon is full. A person seeking their true love should hold a moonstone in their hands while the moon is full and envision their love coming to them. The stone should then be carried or worn until the next full moon for the spell to take effect.


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