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Green Calcite from earthegy

Green Calcite from earthegy

Calcite is a stone for inner enlightenment and mental development. Native Americans consider calcite a holy stone given to them by the gods. Calcite is a superb healer of bone disorders and excellent for the formation of bone.
~Green calcite stimulates the immune system and combats bacterial infections. It also cools fever, burns, and inflammation.
~Blue calcite lowers blood pressure and dissolves pain. It soothes the nerves and rids anxiety.
~Orange calcite is an energizing and cleansing stone that helps overcome fear and depression. It is useful for healing the reproductive system, gallbladder, and intestinal problems.
~Red calcite increases vitality, lifts depression, and alleviates fear. Physically it is superb for hip and leg problems and constipation.
~White calcite can improve memory and enhance the connection between body and mind.


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