11 Uses for Amethyst You May Not Know About

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11 Uses for Amethyst You May Not Know About…

1. Placed under your pillow, amethyst prevents nightmares.
2. Wear amethyst or keep an amethyst cluster in your room to alleviate migraines.
3. Combine amethyst with chrysoprase during meditation to reach a deeper state and help you relax.
4. Place two large pieces or several smaller pieces of amethyst in an area of your home infected with negative energy or geopathic stress to neutralize the negativity.
5. Keep amethyst and citrine (or ametrine) in the southwest section of your living room to promote happy relationships, increase chances of meeting a new partner, and strengthen existing relationships.
6. Place tumbled amethyst stones near your work phone to protect you from frustrating conversations and help you handle difficult situations.
7. At the end of a difficult day circle your body with amethyst while standing to restore your energetic field and dissolve any negativity or unhealthy emotions.
8. Gently rub a polished amethyst stone over your body to heal acne.
9. Combine amethyst with aragonite to reduce mood swings.
10. Wear amethyst or keep it in your pocket when travelling to dangerous areas for protection.
11. Combine amethyst with black tourmaline and clear quartz to make a crystal grid for protection.

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