The Easiest Way to Clean Tarnish Off of Sterling Silver

I came across this awhile ago, and tried it. It works. In mere seconds. I have only tried it with sterling, NOT with sterling with gemstones attached, or any other metals….so if you add them to the mix, do so at your own risk.

1. Grab a glass bowl or container large enough to fit your pieces comfortably on the bottom.
2. Line the bowl with aluminum foil, shiny side up.
3. Put your sterling pieces on top of the aluminum foil in the bowl.
4. Sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda over your sterling pieces. (I use about a teaspoon for just a few pieces of jewelry, it’s not an exact measurement.)
5. Slowly pour boiling water into the bowl. It will bubble and make noise. It’s kind of scary, but you’ll get over your fear when you see what happens.

In seconds your sterling will look brand new…no tarnish. Take them out with some tongs, rinse, and dry.

That’s it. I imagine it would be useful for sterling silverware, but I don’t have that expensive stuff, so I haven’t tried it.

If anyone gives it a try, let me know how you do…


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