8 Ways to Use Crystals in the Dining Room

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8 Ways to Use Crystals in the Dining Room

1. Calcite: Use Red or Orange Calcite on your table to energize a party atmosphere with its fire element vibrations.
2. Clear Quartz: Put clear quartz points in the bottom of a vase of cut flowers in your centerpiece to make your blooms last longer.
3. Garnet and Rhodochrosite: If you’re planning a romantic dinner, place garnet and rhodochrosite around your candlesticks to reinforce your romantic feelings and passion for each other.
4. Amethyst: Place tumbled amethyst on your windowsills to soften the energy.
5. Aqua Aura Quartz: Place aqua aura quartz clusters or points around fresh or produce bowls with the points facing inward towards the bowl to keep your food fresh and the flavors vibrant.
6. Apatite: If you’re eating a big meal but want to keep your diet on track, keep apatite in your pocket or wear apatite jewelry to help boost metabolism.
7. Use crystals as place card holder props for assigned seating at a table.
8. To prevent indigestion keep chrysoprase in your pocket while eating.

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