Howlite versus Turquoise

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Howlite versus Turquoise

Howlite was named after the Canadian mineralogist Henry How who first discovered it in Nova Scotia in 1868.

Howlite is very porous and takes dye well, so it is often dyed blue, and sold, incorrectly, as turquoise. Dyed blue howlite has also been given the name Turquenite.

Howlite is also sold in its natural white state under the misleading trade names of “white turquoise, white buffalo turquoise, or white buffalo stone.”

Howlite is excellent for calming, dispersing anger, and curing insomnia. Placed under your pillow it can help calm your overactive mind so you can sleep.

Howlite is also excellent if you are starting something new, as it promotes positive change and helps you achieve your ambitions.

Physically, howlite is useful for balancing calcium levels and improving bone and teeth health.

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