Now that the holidays are over, I’ve had a bit of time to put new efforts into place.  My mind goes constantly, with new ideas for designs, advertising, business development, you name it.  And, in a few short days, I’ve actually accomplished a lot.

A huge decision I made at Christmas time…to upgrade most, if not all, of my products to sterling silver and 14k gold. Not everything can be switched…I’m finding it impossible to find sterling clasps large enough to handle pet charms, nor can I find the little rubber doo-hickeys that attach croakie strands to glasses with sterling springs on them, but overall, I’m getting there.  Two bracelets went on sale today, completely done in sterling.  Despite this upgrade, I still plan on keeping some of the less expensive items in my shop.  The wire wrapped rings and bookmarks sell like hot cakes, and I love making them!  I also come across a ton of spectacular art beads and cloissone beads that I can never resist, and the rings and bookmarks give me a chance to use them.  I have a strange fondness for my bookmarks, I think because they leave me with the knowledge that someone will sit down and relax, thoroughly enjoy reading a good book, and my little beaded charm will be there beautifying their book when they do.

Another change in the works…product photography. I’ve FINALLY nailed it down to where I’m happy with the new pictures I’m taking.  And I’ll let you in on my secret…they must be taken in morning daylight, streaming through my kitchen window, with every super-sonic macro setting) my camera can do (which is actually only one button.)  Parchment paper, a few non-descript rocks, and a leather bound journal…that’s it.  I admit, I get off course occasionally, and sometimes throw in a more vibrant kyanite/pyrite rock or a sparkly amethyst chunk to prop jewels on, but I just can’t resist my prettier rocks sometimes.

The new line is here!  Croakies!  AKA eyeglass holders!  Bejeweled and bedecked with pearls, beads, gemstones, and satin.  They’re not for the timid…they’re for all the girls who love beautiful sparkly things.  The first set sold in just a few hours, and I’m waiting on more supplies ordered to finish more that are halfway assembled, but they’re out, they’re here, and they’re probably here to stay.  Given the plethora of hideously ugly croakies I’ve been exposed to in the last month on my mission to figure out how they’re engineered, I’m now on a mission to beatify the croakie world.

As for writing more, and publishing more…the folklore, stories, spiritual and healing properties…I haven’t had time yet, but my next major subject is Labradorite.  You just can’t go wrong with a stone that has the northern lights radiating from it.  

The entirely mundane resolutions I’ve been working on…analyzing my statistics and trends of my clients, so I can reach out to more, and throw my products on the market when people are actually in the etsy shop shopping.  I’ve set goals for January sales, facebook followers, and views of my products, among other things, and once that’s accomplished I’ll move on to February.  Admittedly, I set them high, but why not?

Onwards and upwards, and Happy Holidays to all!

–Chrisy Bossie

earthegy…Ancient Gems, Modern Jewels

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