Out of Safe Places by Imani Constance

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One of my lovely customers is an author!

In her words…

I am happy to present Out of Safe Places, my first book of poetry and short stories. This is a labor of love filled with juicy words and ideas that will make you laugh and perhaps even cry.

To my delight my Sisterfriend Rashida shares these sentiments in the foreword which begins… Out of Safe Places will whisper sweet something’s into the ears of all who hear. This collection touches hearts, lightly nudges sensibilities, stirs the soul and feeds the intellect with wisdom garnered by thoughtful observation and historical research. In a world where problems can numb and dumb life down, Out of Safe Places challenges us to reawaken and explore places where we are compromised and safe; places that endanger our true reasons for being alive.

And my scholarly Sisterfriend in the academy Dr. Sandra Jackson, Director, Center Culture and History of Black Diaspora, DePaul University, witnesses that …“This language is imagistic, resonate, powerful, reflective, imbued with social commentary…sensory rich and sensual.”

Out of Safe Places is available through lulu.com.

Use this link to purchase a copy or download the entire volume http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/out-of-safe-places/14679394.

Out of Safe Places will be available on Amazon within the next month.

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