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I admit it.  I’m a girly girl sometimes and I like my little secret indulgences.

Don’t we all?

That one piece of chocolate truffle that we savor at the end of the night after our dinner…the hot bubble bath in winter with a glass of wine….and one of my all time favorites, scented candles.  Yummmmm… pure heaven when you need some of that much needed quiet girl time.


Since I started selling on Artfire last year I’ve gotten to know a few shop owners and try out their goods, and EmeraldChandlery is one of my favorites.  She is the self proclaimed “home of VegiSoy votive candles, some of the longest lasting highly scented natural wax votives available.”

Now I don’t know what VegiSoy is, and I really don’t care.  What I do know is that I just restocked my candle supply from her store for the second time and piled up on her “not quite right” candles.  What do I care if they don’t look absolutely pristine?  I’m going to burn them down anyway, and I’m not sharing them, so I may as well save some money on my little indulgence.  What I also know is that my house smells really really good right now.  Cherry is the flavor of the day at earthegy, though I have quite a few more options in my box that just arrived.  And sheesh, what a bargain!  This is what I just got today, only 3 days after ordering for only 30 bucks:

Assorted Scented Candles from Emerald Chandlery

That’s a LOT of candles packed in there.  I like my ambiance when I’m working making earthegy jewelry.  I like music playing, and I definitely like the house to smell good.  And these babies last forever.  My last candle I burnt had about two inches left on it and like an idiot I forgot to blow it out when I went to bed.  That bugger was still burning in the morning, cranking out it’s almond scent throughout my house.  (Yeah, I know, I should probably invest in a fire extinguisher, but I’ve survived so far.)

During my day I usually have one lit on top of my piano, centered in my downstairs.  It’s pretty.  It smells good.  I lasts all day or longer.  And it makes me feel a little more pampered at a darned good price.

Ambiance, earthegy and Emerald Chandlery style....

I don’t get paid to write this stuff.  Emerald Chandlery didn’t ask me to, and she doesn’t know this post is going up.  But when I come across another artist that’s got a good thing I want to share with my friends, you can bet I’m going to let everyone know that her shop is worth the look.

Because I want all my friends out there to make sure they get their indulgences indulged.  We all need a little spoiling now and then.

~Chrisy Bossie

Shop Emerald Chandlery for some scentaliciousness


Shop earthegy for some gemaliciousness

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