Peruvian Opal Properties and History

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Peruvian opals, as the name would suggest, are found only in the Andes mountains of Peru.  Peruvian opals are considered a gift from Pachamama, the ancient Inca goddess of fertility and Mother Earth.

Unlike the better known opals with a display of shimmering color, Peruvian opals are usually solid Caribbean blue or ballerina slipper pink.  Depending on the cut of the opal, Peruvian opals can be scenic with variations in color, or uniform in color.

Peruvian opals carry an energy of calmness and tranquility, helping with communication and insomnia.  Sleeping with a Peruvian pink opal is said to help heal subconscious pain from your past.  Blue opals help with knowledge retention and spiritual understanding.

Opals are not only superb gemstones for healing emotionally, they’re also the October birthstone.

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