Testimonials for earthegy gemstone products

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Here’s what earthegy customers say about their gemstones…



I received my glasses holder today!   Very quickly!   And it’s beautiful.  I love it.  It looks sturdy too. –Claudia from NJ



Gorgeous!! Quick post, highly recommend.–Stephanie from Australia (earthegy’s first international order)



Kevin’s tiling business was slow in November, so earthegy found him some special rocks to carry around…A month and a half later he posted this on facebook:

Kevin Energy in objects.? Absolutely. Pyrite and Citine bring in business? I like to think so.

Modestly priced gemstones and pendants. Handmade custom jewelry. Perfect valentines gifts or maybe, just a little something for yourself. Paypal and at your door in no time. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Kevin Last month I couldn’t give anything away. Now, I need a clone.

And if you happen to need a superb tiling guy in the Richmond, VA area, his work can be seen here: http://www.precisiontile.biz/



Thanks so much…I love it! Think my MOM will get it for valentines present and we can share. Happy New Year–Sue



My bracelet is AMAZING! I am staring at it right now!  I love it and the acorns and the leaves are so beautiful!   I never want to take it off! –Sandi



I LOVE my bracelet – it’s beautiful and it goes perfectly with what I am wearing today. Thankyou very much!!–Paula

Very helpful and fast shipping!–Julie

I love my bracelet! It is beautiful and well-made. Also, it arrived quickly. Thanks, again!–Jill

I LOVE my new croakie! It is the nicest one I have ever found, and I have many. The workmanship is exceptional. I think I’ll order another one right now. Thanks.–Linda



“I bought the bracelet for the stone healing properties. It is working great on SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Looks great too.”

This customer purchased the Sunlight Bracelet.  Sunstone inspires happiness and sweetness in life, bringing back it’s joy. Sunstone’s connection to light helps cure depression and seasonal disorders, and restores optimism and enthusiasm for life.  Pearls promote sincerity, truth and loyalty. Also said to enhance personal integrity, soothes, calms, yet focuses attention. A symbol of water and the moon, pearls are strongly feminine stones.

“Chrisy – Oh my gosh…thankyou SO much!!!! I love my bracelet!! … I love, too, that it’s got orange and blue – I can wear it to my son’s swim meets at UVA. I have it on already and can’t stop looking at it. THANKYOU.”–private friend I made a custom bracelet for since she’s been such a great repeat customer.



Willow’s Mom wrote:

“Hey Chrisy….. Willow & I love the charm ! Thankyou… Please give me some time to take a pic. of her wearing it…. She need another bath as we walked the frigid beach today and she is not looking her best with her messy hair doooo… I/We r excited to have the chance to have her picture on earthegy site.”

See here for my blog post on Willow: http://www.blog.earthegy.com/?p=426