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The Power of Gemstones

For thousands of years, gemstones have been used as a divination tool. Nearly every culture has held the belief that gemstones possess spiritual powers that endow the wearer with certain attributes. Due to the magical powers associated with gems, they were used extensively as amulets, talismans, and portals to the future. Formed over ages, often at high pressure, the Earth’s gemstones contain intense concentrations of energy. It is believed that we can use certain gemstones to focus and balance the body’s instinctive energies and health. Gemstones always hold the energy of the wearer. They protect the owner from negativity, accumulating it in themselves, and replace it with positive energy.

There’s no escape from natural gemstone’s variety and beauty once you see and touch one, hold it in your hand, and hold it up to the light.  Every single stone is individual, which makes the jewelry even more than just a handcrafted piece…it makes it incredibly unique…something that can never be duplicated.

I’m hoping that I can somehow share the energy that the stones bring to one’s life.  The entire start of my jewelry making began when my friend, Bree, showed me her bag of polished rocks, told me about each one, and said “If you think about how much energy the earth puts into making these stones over millions of years, it only makes sense that they still carry that energy.”

The stones have surprised me in that way…sometimes I wear my bracelets to compliment and outfit, sometimes I wear a particular gemstone for a specific purpose.  But I the one I never remove from my wrist is my rhodochrosite bracelet. It’s not the most spectacular in color, heck, it’s brown, and it doesn’t match every outfit, but it rarely comes off my wrist these days, happily surviving showers and washing dishes and cleaning out chick coops.  And the funny thing is, despite it’s constancy with me, I never tire of looking at it, and I find  each individual stone more beautiful each day I look at them closely. I…bond with my stones.  Seriously.  And I’m not a person that reads tarot cards or checks her horoscope every day or gazes into crystal balls while decked out in gypsy clothing.

I hope you enjoy your earthegy products as much as I enjoy making each one.

–Chrisy Bossie