Healing Gemstones for Pets

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Healing Gemstones for Pets

Pets are usually considered to be a very close member of our families. We feed them, bathe them, spend time with them, play with them, and love them with every part of our being. This includes when they are sick, ailing, or healthy. We want to take care of them as best as we can, making sure our companion will be with us for many years to come.

As humans, we are making a conscious shift toward prevention, integration and balance in our own health and wellness. We owe it to our pets and ourselves to give the same attention to our loving companion animals. Crystal healing can help with that.

Agate – Agates are known to be a helpful aid in developing telepathy and the balancing of energy. Agate is known as the “strength stone.” It is said to strengthen self-confidence and inner peace. It might be just the thing for a jittery, shy or nervous pet. It also helps with skin conditions.

Amazonite – Amazonite is used to calm the nervous system and provide relief from turbulent emotions. It is said to dispel sadness and enhance self determinism. Amazonite is a stone of expression if you feel your pet has locked up parts of their personality,

Amethyst – Powerful multipurpose healer. It’s a great help if your pet is older and has arthritis. It also aids the digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin, and teeth. The vibrations of amethyst can help rid animals of fleas.

Aventurine – Helps pets adjust to a new environment. If you are going on vacation and either boarding your pet, or taking them with you, it’s a very stressful time for them. Their reactions are the same as we humans. Placing a gemstone under a sleeping bed or where ever you pets decide to spend the night will help them in adjusting to their new environment. This gemstone also works as a guard for the body against various infections, stabilizes blood pressure, and encourages the regeneration of your pet’s heart. It can also relieve pain and heal tumors, as well as many other ailments and symptoms.

Bloodstone – This stone contains a host of healing powers such as improving failing eyesight,spleen disorders, lung congestion, neutralization of body toxins, purification of the liver, intestines, bladder, kidneys, and blood, along with many other healing powers for your pet.

Blue Lace Agate – This beautiful stone works to treat several different symptoms and ailments such as throat problems, arthritis, and infections, along with many other healing properties.

Carnelian – This gemstone works to treat a vast amount of symptoms and ailments such as degenerative body conditions, kidney stones, gall stones, trauma resulting from abuse, abrasions, cuts, and disorders within the spine, spleen, or pancreas, as well as many other ailments that your pet could suffer from.

Citrine – Helps the digestive track and insomnia. Just like humans, animals can have problems sleeping from time to time.

Clear Quartz – Quartz helps communication between animals and humans clarity. Quartz can come in handy when teaching a pet commands. Another very powerful healing gemstone, citrine works to treat kidney diseases, pain, diarrhea, and other such symptoms and ailments.

Dalmatian Jasper – is known as the Fun stone. It is said to have uplifting qualities that will keep your pet balanced and well adjusted.

Hematite – Helps the muscular system.

Howlite – decreases selfishness, stress, pain, and rudeness. It increases tact, gentleness, and patience. Howlite is thought to help with bones, teeth, calcium levels and leg cramps.

Jade – Helps to increase longevity. Jade is considered to be a stone that gives confidence, self-sufficiency and increases tolerance. Physically, Jade is is thought to regulate the heartbeat, increase vitality and help with the hips, kidneys and spleen.

Lapis Lazuli– Helps the immune system, leukemia and bone cancer pain.

Labradorite – This stone works to stimulate the mind, clear the eyes, aids in digestion, and reduces instances of stress and anxiety within your pet, as well as many other healing properties.

Leopardskin Jasper – facilitates strength, courage and vitality. This would make it good for shy pets. Leopardskin Jasper can help them with being more outgoing and aiding them with social interaction with their own and other species.

Mother of Pearl – repairs deep wounds and brings a feeling of love and comfort to frightened or nervous pets.

Ocean Jasper – a soothing stone. It can calm your pet and increase its patience. It is considered to aid in digestion, improve nutritional assimilation and detoxify.

Red Jasper – This stone contains a number of healing powers such as improving poor circulation, healing the liver, healing the kidneys, pain relief, eliminating energy depletion, healing blood issues, as well as supporting the sexual, digestive, and circulatory organs.

Rhodonite – works at rebuilding a more solid emotional foundation and is good for calming and long-term emotional healing.

Rose Quartz – This is wonderful gemstone if your pet has had surgery or has a wound. Rose Quartz treats many different ailments including promoting closeness of love between pet and owner, as well as healing deprivation and the kidneys. Rose Quartz can help your pet to being more receptive to your love.

Rutilated Quartz – This stone is a stone of hope and happiness. It has many healing powers, such as relieving depression within your pet, as well as healing difficulties in breathing and cell regeneration.

Smoky Quartz – helps to heal paw disorders. It also helps with the nervous system and swellings. This is a wonderful grounding stone and helps to remove negative energy. This gemstone works to relieve pain, strengthen muscles, regulate body fluids, and reduce stress, as well as heal ailments within the stomach, nerve tissues, reproductive system, heart, legs, and hips.

Snowflake Obsidian – thought to be restful and serene. it would be useful for easily agitated pets. Helps to protection from physical and emotional harm. Can provide balance during times of change.

Sodalite – Calms nervousness, great for traveling as it promotes calmness during travel. If your pet gets car sick, try Sodalite. This stone is used specifically for healing mental conditions such as panic or phobias. It releases the negative energy from within your pet, as well as many other healing influences. Sodalite is said to instill confidence to the shy or timid it is good for increasing interactivity and socialization. Sodalite is thought to balance body energy levels via thyroid, pituitary, lymph, and other glands.

Tiger Eye – Helps to calm in the midst of chaos. Helps eye, throat and reproductive system problems. Tiger Eye is helpful in mending broken bones and to strengthen the spine. Great for energetic dogs!

Turquoise – Helps with just about everything including protection. This healing stone is amazing as a confidence booster if your pet shows signs of being shy or nervous. Turquoise is an excellent grounding stone as its vibrations give peace of mind. This stone works to neutralize over-acidity within the body, relieves gout, viral infections, stomach issues, and rheumatism, as well as stimulating muscular strength and growth.

Unakite – a stone with gentle but powerful energy. It is good for separation anxiety.

Yellow Jasper – Yellow jasper can heal issues within the endocrine system, can promote the health of the kidneys and intestines, and treat disorders of the stomach, as well as digestive issues. There are many other healing properties of this gemstone as well, such as easing issues of abandonment, especially when you leave for work or have to leave the animal for 24 hours.

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