Meet Josephine…my inspiration…

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Josephine in full bloom

You may not know it, but unfortunately not all my time is spent creating earthegy jewelry.  I’ve just suffered through a tedious day with hours spent trying to figure out how to submit my website products to shopping engines followed by cleaning up my March accounting and doing sales tax returns.  I was tired.  My brain was frozen, but I finally finished around 4 pm, got up from my table, and decide to take a walk around the yard to get some fresh air.  And then I saw Josephine…


Josephine is a rose bush I planted about two years ago next to my back patio. She’s “supposed” to be a climber and I was hoping she’d find her way up my pergola posts, but right now she’s just kind of …..sprawling….right into the driveway.

So much for climbing....

No matter.  She’s in full bloom and I had forgotten about how many colors she can produce.  Pink, peach, and soft pale yellow each flower unique and different.  I love Josephine.  She instantly brightened up my day and made me realize how wonderful it is to work from home.  She also has the additional talent of being able to survive my black thumb.  At my house it’s survival of the fittest as far as plants are concerned.  If they’re expecting daily cocktails of Miracle Grow, showers of bug repellent, and regular  haircuts it’s just not going to happen.  My plants get rain when it rains and if they’re lucky I remember to mulch them every year or two.   That’s it.  If they can survive that minimal care then they belong here.

My inspiration


Josephine has survived me so far and done it with grace.  Her real name is CI Josephine Coat.  Sounds very pretentious, doesn’t it?  Well, she’s not, thank God, and she’s gracious enough to keep blooming for me.







In honor of Josephine and her unrelenting beauty, I not only introduce you to the rose bush, Josephine, but my latest creation, a necklace inspired by her colors.  Her pale yellow is lemon quartz, her vivid pink is chalcedony, and her subtle peaches are sunstone.  Wrapped into her clasp is vibrant orange carnelian, a stone of vitality and passion.  Because my lovely enduring rose bush has livened up my mood and given me reason to create.  This is why I love what I do.




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