Spiritual Properties of Tigers Eye

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Tigers Eye Gemstones from earthegy

Tigers Eye Gemstones from earthegy















Tigers eye is associated with fire and earth elements and is a root chakra gemstone. It’s energy is useful for balance, vitality, strength and protection. Tigers eye helps balance your yin and yang, alleviates depression, helps resolve inner conflict, and heals low self-esteem issues. Physically, tigers eye aids in night vision, healing broken bones and throat problems. The rarer blue tigers eye is a calming stone that relieves anxiety and helps overcome phobias. Oddly enough, blue tigers eye decreases an overactive sex drive, and red tigers eye increases your sex drive. (I don’t suggest both in the bedroom or you might end up a hot mess! But if you do…send me the details because I’m kind of curious…)

~Tigers eye is mined in the US, Mexico, India, Australia, and South Africa.

~Tiger Iron is a stone that includes tigers eye, hematite, and red jasper.

~If you have bronchial problems, wear a tigers eye necklace for relief.

~Tigers eye was used in ancient Egypt 3000 BC as eyes in the statues of various gods.

~Roman soldiers carried tigers eye into battle to give them courage.

~The Japanese associate tigers eye with longevity because the tiger was supposed to live for a thousand years.

~Indians believe tigers eye attracts wealth and prevents the wearer from losing money.

~Tigers eye is a divination crystal useful for discovering information about past and future lives.

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