Spiritual Properties of Opalite

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Opalite Gemstones from earthegy

Opalite Gemstones from earthegy



Spiritual Properties of Opalite…

Opalite, also known as Tiffany Stone, Opalized Glass, Sea Opal, or The Stone of Eternity, is a man-made glass resin composed primarily of the mineral dolomite fused with metal. It is an excellent healing gemstone, also associated with business success. When placed over the crown chakra it is said to induce visions and enhance psychic powers, intuition, and insight. It improves communication, clairvoyance, and removing energy blockages. Opalite brings peace and is a beneficial stone to keep in areas where serenity is needed.

Opalite is not just a calming stone, but also an energizing one. Opalite stimulates sexual prowess and boosts the libido.

Known as a merchant stone useful for success in business, opalite helps manifest material wealth and affluence.

Physically, opalite is believed to stabilize mood swings, reduce fatigue, and purify the blood and kidneys.

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