Ten Rockin’ Ways to Use Crystals Outside Your Home

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Ten Rockin’ Ways to Use Crystals Outside Your Home

1. Have a garden or potted plants? Put moss agate crystals in the garden or pot to help them thrive or spray them with rose quartz water.
2. Keep hematite or smoky quartz at your front door for protection.
3. Having an outdoor party? Decorate with bowls of red calcite to keep the energy high.
4. To silence noisy neighbors bury a moonstone crystal near your property boundary on their side.
5. Are power lines going through your property? Use fluorite or lepidolite to reduce electromagnetic pollution.
6. Keep a jade crystal in your mailbox to attract money and opportunities into your life.
7. Bury agate stones along your property boundaries or driveway to protect you from intrusion.
8. Add an assortment of water friendly crystals to an outdoor fountain to foster tranquility and create a relaxing environment. Tigers eye, jasper, aventurine, jade, and sodalite are ideal.
9. Purify your outdoor water by hanging a quartz or shungite crystal under the water spout.
10. Hang crystals in your windows to catch the light, reduce negative energy, and improve the atmosphere.

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