12 Ways to Use Crystals in the Garden

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12 Ways to Use Crystals in the Garden

1. Place quartz crystals at each corner of your garden bed and one in the center and you have a crystal grid to encourage the overall growth and health of plants. All of the quartzes and other stones that contain large amounts of quartz will also discourage aphids, slugs, snails, and ants.
2. Hematite at the bottom of a plant pot encourages rooting.
3. Use carnelian to encourage growth.
4. Any kinds of stones can be used as a mulch because it shades the roots and helps keep the soil from drying out. Weeds won’t be competing for nutrients and water. Unlike organic mulches, stones don’t need replacement every year.
5. Moonstone brings calmness and fertility to your plants by harnessing the moons energy.
6. Rose Quartz for roses. Rose quartz will help blooms maintain their petals longer and prevent the edges from turning brown as they fade.
7. Herb gardens can benefit from hematite or smoky quartz
8. Moss agate or tree agate is the ultimate gardeners stone for any plant. Plants respond to moss agate with a spurt of growth and an abundance of new leaves.
9. If your plants have been stressed try placing some amethyst or blue lace agate stones around them for the calming effect.
10. Place quartz or shungite in a bird bath to purify the water for your winged visitors.
11. Make a crystal elixir for watering your plants. Use the ideas above or come up with your own…carnelian for encouraging growth, blue agate to relieve stress, hematite or smoky quartz to encourage rooting.
12. Using wire cages to prop up your plants? Hang crystals off the cage to bring in some great energy and add some sparkle to your garden.


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