6 Rocks for a Rockin’ Love Life

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6 Rocks for a Rockin’ Love Life

Rose Quartz: Well known as a love stone, rose quartz encompasses all kinds of love…parental bonding, the romance stuff, forgiveness, and self love.

Rhodonite: The love healer…use it when you need to overcome love traumas, to manifest forgiveness, and help your heart become emotionally stronger.

Rhodochrosite: This is the rock you want to snag yourself a soul mate.

Ruby and Garnet: The passion stones…the rocks that will turn up the heat in your love life. Use with caution. May need to be accompanied with a cold shower if things get out of hand.

Emerald: The stone that will test true long lasting love, emeralds are said to change color if your lover is unfaithful.

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