Spiritual Properties of Labradorite

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A gemstone said to have dropped from the Aurora Borealis itself, Labradorite is a stone surrounded by myth yet relatively new in our history. The gemstone with its misleading appearance sometimes shimmering, a transparent yellow, or even black, grayish, or tinged with blue was discovered in the 18th Century and has often been described as the rainbow bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind. Perhaps, this is why it has been used as an inspirational gemstone by novelists, artists, and composers alike. Along with inspirational properties, Labradorite also possesses metaphysical, psychological, and physical healing properties.

By grounding energies, specifically spiritual energies, this beautiful gemstone strengthens the energies of the physical body, enabling one to decrease energy leakage and form a barrier against negative energies. Moreover, the link Labradorite provides to the unconsciousness opens the inner self to introspection, spiritual purpose, and initiates exploration into the mysteries.

Psychologically, Labradorite is a useful tool to have during change, as it imparts strength and perseverance. Banishing fears and insecurities, Labradorite calms an overactive mind, energizes the imagination, and balances analysis and rationale with inner sight, dispelling illusions to clear one’s path to well-bring.

Labradorite gemstones from earthegy

Labradorite gemstones from earthegy


When used in crystal therapy for the physical body, Labradorite is believed to relieve stress, though if one subscribes to the metaphysical and psychological benefits it should not be surprising. It is an immune strengthener, aiding the spiritual energies with strength as it supports the physical body. Labradorite is used to treat disorders of the eye and brain, regulate metabolism, and can be used to aid in relief from colds and gout. It can also be successful in treating rheumatism, lowering blood pressure, balancing hormones, and relieving menstrual tension.

In true historical form, Labradorite’s myths are quite possibly part truth in some form or fashion. This unique gemstone is as multi-dimensional in its physical form as the seemingly limitless ways in which it benefits our beings. From the spiritual to the psyche to the physical, Labradorite may be as myth suggests, a piece of the Aurora Borealis linking our physical selves with the conscious beyond. To find out more ways that Labradorite can make a difference in your life or to find products and healing methods, visit earthegy.


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