Sunstone…the energy stone

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Of all of the gemstones earthegy has offered, none has generated so much interest as sunstone. Sunstone is rich with history, that only confirms it’s spiritual powers, and once you’ve seen a sunstone’s incredible beauty and depth, you may be a believer too. Ancient Vikings used sunstone as a navigational compass. They sailed their ships through fog and bad weather. Without abundant sunshine or a clear view of the North Star to navigate, they came up with another tool….a crystal compass made of sunstone. Much study has been done on the subject, and a short video here shows how a sunstone can be used to find the direction of the sun in the sky (about 3 minutes into the video):

Viking Navigation

Sunstone attracts good luck, but the definition of luck in this case is simply being in the right place at the right time… sunstone helps you navigate yourself to the right place that you need to be, in perfect synchronicity with the world around you. Sunstone lifts depression and is especially useful for seasonal affective disorder, bringing its joyful light into otherwise foggy or dark surroundings. It is a gemstone of optimism and enthusiasm.


Like its parallel stones, Labradorite and Moonstone, Sunstone radiates an inner fire that calls out for you to come closer for a better view. While Labradorite and Moonstone ask you to look inside, Sunstone asks you to bring what’s inside out. Sunstone is the optimists stone, and a pessimist is a pessimist no more around it.  The name “Sunstone” is self-evident of course, but this fiery stone has another technical name – Heliolite, from the Greek “helios” meaning “sun” and “lithos” meaning “stone. There’s a word for the fire in sunstone…schiller. It is the fire within the stone, a piece of the sun trapped in mineral form.

Sunstone with intense schiller


Robert Simmons wrote “Sunstone is the yang which balances the yin of Moonstone.”



Sunstone Necklace by earthegy



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