Carnelian Gemstone History and Current Uses

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© Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons

In ancient Roman times carnelian gemstones were used to make signet rings used for imprinting a seal with wax on important documents.  One of the lesser known qualities of carnelian is that hot wax doesn’t stick to it.


Romans wore rings for many different reasons.  In the first and second centuries Roman men often wore a ring on each finger, and some of those were used for sealing and authenticating documents with their individual identification engraved on the gem stone signet ring.   This is where the phrase  “seal of approval” comes from.  The carved gemstone rings were called “intaglio” meaning to carve, cut, or incise.

Today carnelian is known as a gemstone that carries the energy of courage, confidence, and power, associated with the fire element.  When you need help figuring out a course of action, carnelian helps you find your spiritual path.  If you have lost your zest for life, carnelian is the gemstone that will help you find it.



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