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Sarah wearing an earthegy silk ribbon

Some of you may know that I’m building a new website for you to shop on…it’s been a work in progress for awhile, and I have been blessed with some super designers to help me.

On the new site, there will be large banner pics on the landing page that rotate.  I’m looking for models….but not the super expensive runway models that throw some earthegy jewelry on for a photo shoot and then never wear it again.  I’m looking for real people.  My beloved customers.  The ones that actually wear my stuff!  (Admittedly, I can’t afford “professional” models anyway.)  I have a few models already, but there’s plenty of room for more.

Corey in lapis

If you’re interested, I will be giving out gift certificates to shop at earthegy.  I’m not talking huge amounts here, and the pictures have to be usable.  That means I need clear shots of happy, smiling faces without a lot of background clutter showcasing your jewelry clearly.  If you’re wearing an earthegy necklace in a picture and some other designers earrings, I can’t use it….someone is bound to ask me about the earrings.  Photos need to be the largest size possible so the graphic designer can edit them into a banner pic as she pleases.  And you need to be comfortable having your face splashed on my website for anyone to see.

Another similar project I’m working on is a “Who Wears earthegy” page.  Ideally with a nice photo and a little info about you.  This is a completely unpaid position, but if you have a business or something you’d like me to promote, I will be delighted to include links to your website or another page to promote you or something you love.  I would need a clear photo for that page, plus what you’d like written about you, plus links or contact info that you’d like to promote.    I will also need to know if you’re comfortable with your full name being used or just your first name.  That’s entirely up to you.

If you’re interested in participating in either of these projects or would like more info, send me and email at earthegy@gmail.com


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